Joel Pirard has been playing, writing, and recording original rock music for years, as a guitarist, bassist and keyboardist. Don Pitz is JDA's primary lead vocalist. He also plays keyboards, guitar, bass, and percussion. Arno Tietje is the primary lead guitarist in The JDA Project. Arno also sings, plays bass, percussion, lap steel guitar, and harmonica. The JDA Project has released 5 CDs, A Fine TIme, Through A Moving Window, Syzygy, Dropstones and the live For the Sake of the Song. The current lineup also includes these excellent players. Bassist: Frank Coda SR joined the band in 2020, Born and raised in The Bronx. Frank started playing guitar around age 10 switching to bass a few years later and began playing area high school dances with local cover bands. In his mid to late teens he played high school & college dances , Tri-state clubs and weddings playing covers with the Tin Lizzy and City Addition. In the mid 70s he played exclusively with Tin Lizzy doing covers and original music around the tri - state area until the late 70s when the group changed direction doing all original music as Fagan and later changing the group name to the Buddy Traina Band playing the NYC circuit and producing 1 single. After disbanding in the early 90s Frank stepped away from band life to focus on family and other interests like gardening and cooking. Now as an empty-nester the time came to find a group to go out and play again with THE JDA PROJECT DRUMMER/VOCALIST Don Hughes joined the band in 2021. Dons interest in music began in the late 1960s, early high school days. He got involved with singing and harmony in vocal groups that turned into a major interest in drumming. After a few years of working on rudimental drumming with a cadet drummer, he decided to put together a conventional drum kit piece by piece and got very involved in more modern music. Don was very fortunate to be asked to be a member of one of the best and most popular local bands in the area. THE 5 OF A KIND BAND. who played all the great rock, soul, and, R&B of that time. It went well. The 5 OF A KIND grew into a larger band called TAXI. with Dons brother Bob on vocals and percussion, and Hammond organ , driven by crazy Chuck P. Some of the remaining members and some new developed into a smaller band called COTTONMOUTH that landed a recording contract with a major record label in NYC, releasing their first single which reached #9 on Billboard magazine for monthly releases. They list only 10. The song, entitled YELLOWSTONE, became a hit out west, which led to more recording and studio work in some of the most popular studios in NYC. Eventually some of the members moved on or retired and moved away after a lot of years. Don started other bands since those days that lasted for years, such as FAST FORWARD, THE HUGHES BROTHERS BAND and THE CHOICE Most recently, Don responded to The JDA PROJECT bands ad for a drummer/vocalist. preferred a BOOMER. ha ha. After two fun rehearsals the JDA PROJECT members and Don have decided to move forward with existing and new exciting projects with Don as the newest member on drums and vocals . So TO ALL BOOMERS THE THRILL IS NOT GONE!!


Current band and past members

Joel Pirard

Keyboards, guitar & vocals


Donald Pitz

Keyboards, vocals & guitar

Arno Tietje

guitars & vocals

Frank  Coda

bass guitar 

Don Hughes

drums and vocals

Larry Lipshutz

former bassist

Erwin Brea

former bassist 2005

Robbie Offerman

former drummer


Chris Sottile

former drummer
 2005-2009, 2010-2012

Ron Cook

former drummer